Squirrel Hunting In East Texas 2011

In the State of Texas squirrel hunting is legal year round in most counties.  You would think this would make squirrel hunting pretty good in Texas.  Well it might be in some places but I am convinced that all the squirrels have moved into town and can no longer be found in the countryside. 

This may sound funny but have you looked around lately?  I drive through neighborhoods in town and I see squirrels jumping from fence to fence and raiding bird feeder.  I stalk in the National forest or on private lands out of town and you see not a single squirrel.  Oh I see the signs that they were there.  Signs like nawed pine cones. 

While we were out camping on some pretty primative land surrounded by the Davey Crockett National Forest we got up early and found a quiet spot under a large pine.  I was armed with my little Remington model 597  22lr with a 30 round magazine (hey you know how fast them squirrels are) and Phil was armed with a Marlin 22lr.  We sat and waited, and waited and waited.  Nothing.  Not a singel squirrel was seen or heard.  We tried again in the evening and again the same result.  We did this for 3 mornings and evening and on the 4th didn't bother going out. 

My friend Phil, pictured below, had really been looking forward to some squirrel stew but it seemed that just wasn't going to happen this trip, nor did it happen on our last trip to East Texas.  Now I have to admit the last time it might have been the effort that was put into the hunt - Last East Texas Squirrel Hunt

Sorry Phil, no squirrel stew this time......


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